Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imaginationand life to everything…Plato

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination
and life to everything…Plato


Life is one big road with a lot of signs, signs and more signs…


This is the latest single from Spectrasoul’s debut album, Delay No More. Different tip this…absolutely top draw!


Following on from releasing one of the standout songs of last year in Bax, which was a bass-heavy-speed-garage infused anthem, London based Mosca has released his new EP, aptly-titled the Eva Mendes EP. 5 quality tracks from one of London’s top producers right now…


He produces house and techno. He’s a motherfucking badass…

Irony is that I’ve still not even discovered all this guys music, it’s just so damn good!


I went to Shogun Audio at Cable last night and one of my highlights was hearing DJ Friction double drop I Remember by Culture Shock with Logistics - Together VIP…that got me thinking about Culture Shock and the ridiculous level of quality in his music…

All you need to know about Culture Shock is that he’s probably one of the most talented producers the scene HAS ever and WILL ever produce.

The production on the guys music is on unreal levels and he consistently produces music that smashes the dancefloor to pieces yet maintains an amazing level of uniqueness and forward thinking. If you’ve ever heard Ohrwurm on a big system, you’ll know…

Anyway, he has a new release on Ram Records called I Remember, which was on Andy C’s last Nightlife 5 CD. On the flip side is a clever little track called Troglodyte. Here’s a listing of my favourite past, present and future Culture Shock tracks…


Many apologies for the lack of posts on the Blog over the last month. My computer screen has packed in and I haven’t really had ready access to it as much as I used to as it’s connected to the TV and the family insist on watching Indian programmes…

Anyway, I’m going to have an experiment to see if I can update it properly from the Tumblr iPad app…woop


An absolutely lovely mix from one of my favourite production duos right now, Disclosure. A cacophony of house, garage and ambient melodies. Essential listening!

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Great track with an even better Drum & Bass remix from Alix Perez…


The first single from Jubei’s new album on Metalheadz. Clean, crisp beats at 174 from Jubei with Flowdan over the vocals. Wicked…


There are few songs in my collection that raise the hairs on the back of my neck. This is one of them. I have no words but to only ask you to listen to this. This isn’t music, it’s pure emotion in it’s rawest form. 


In music, many people follow and stick to trends and existing fashions, ending up in a continuous loop of music with no progression or evolution. There are few however, who constantly questioned the scene, the trends and have the balls to introduce sounds so different and abstract that they make the entire scene stand up in awe. Doc Scott is one of them. One of the original founders of the Blue Note night that really got Drum & Bass noticed (in my opinion) and one of the original members of Goldie’s Metalheadz label. He is a man I have nothing but the most absolute respect for. 

His Future Beats podcasts are an amazing example of pioneering new sounds and styles in the Drum & Bass scene, which at times, becomes very saturated and “full of the same shit”. In essence, Doc Scott is one of these people who has the ability to slap the scene straight. No pidgeon-holing, just good, clean, clinical Drum & Bass made with heart and soul. Listen with an open mind.


[0:00:00] S.P.Y - Sleepy Hollow 

[0:06:48] Mr Joseph & Andy Skopes - Gatcherman 

[0:10:50] Fracture - Tunnel Track 

[0:15:15] Alix Perez - Myriads (Jubei Remix) 

[0:20:01] Genotype - Catwalk 

[0:24:26] Dub Phizix - Rat Race 

[0:28:07] Break - Soundwaves 

[0:32:32] Marcus Intalex - The Guillotine 

[0:36:12] Alix Perez & Rockwell - Ballbag 

[0:40:15] Clarity - Off The Cuff 

[0:43:34] ? 

[0:47:37] Overlook - Actress 

[0:53:05] Ruffhouse - The Foot 

[0:58:07] ? 

[1:01:23] Jubei Feat. Flowdan - Say Nothin (Extended Mix) 

[1:06:05] Calibre - Temple Step

[1:09:48] ? 

[1:14:56] Loxy, Resound & Skeptical - Choices 

[1:21:10] Skeptical Feat. Colette Warren - Always Be Mine 

[1:25:15] Sunchase & Nickbee - Compounder 

[1:29:43] Ant TC1 - Mode Destruction (Xtrah Remix) 

[1:33:41] ? 

[1:37:22] Marcus Intalex - Sell Your Soul 

[1:41:47] Submotion Orchestra - It’s Not Me It’s You (Alix Perez Remix) 

[1:45:51] dBridge - Not What You Want 

[1:50:38] Hybris - Crumbled 

[1:55:04] S.P.Y - Untold Future 

[1:59:53] Deepchord - Neon & Rain 

[2:05:34] Stickman - Pressure 

[2:09:47] Consequence - Marlo


If you haven’t heard of this guy, GET TO KNOW! His recently released debut album is STUNNING, absolutely flawless. A real talent!


This guy is one of my favourite producers right now…


If porn and house were to become a single entity, George Fitzgerald would produce it. His silky vocal-laden house rhythms have been on repeat on my player for ages. This is a mix from a few months back for Mixmag where he presents a snapshot of what Scuba’s Hotflush Recordings is producing right now. EXCELLENT mix!


1. Sigha - Something In Between Us (forthcoming) 

2. Scuba - The Hope (forthcoming) 

3. Joy O - Jels (HF027) 

4. Sepalcure - The One (Kevin McPhee remix) (forthcoming) 

5. Lando Kal - Rhythm Sektion (forthcoming) 

6. Sigha - B1 (HF029) 

7. George FitzGerald - We Bilateral (Back and 4th compilation) 

8. Paul Woolford & Psycatron - Stolen (Dub 1) (HFT018) 

9. Scuba - Action (forthcoming) 

10. Mount Kimbie - Carbonated (CNL003) 

11. Scuba - Ruptured (Surgeon remix) (HFRMX003) 

12. Toasty - The Knowledge (HF006) 

13. Sepalcure - No Think (HF026) 

14. Scuba - Dream (SCUBA003)